Agreement between the Coalition of Creators and Content Industries and the CITCO

The signature of this Agreement means an upgrading of the level of attention of the State Enforcement Agencies regarding intellectual property offences, by considering them «organized crime», and conferring to the body that today is the main police authority in the matter the monitoring, observance, coordination and direction of police agencies.

Piracy Observatory 2015: Piracy does not ease

Digital piracy keeps beating records in Spain and causing enormous damages to creators and cultural and digital content industries. During 2015, only 36% of all content were legal, four per cent less than the previous year, and the percentage of consumers that accessed illegally to content on the Internet rose to 63%, from the precedent 58% recorded in 2014. These are some of main results gathered by the Piracy observatory and digital contents consumption habits 2015, carried out by independent consultant GfK and released today by the Coalition of Creators and Content Industries and LaLiga.

Piracy Observatory 2014: Piracy Exceeds Legal

Digital piracy is beating records in seriously prejudicing the cultural and digital content industries: in the past year (2014), 87.94% of content consumed was illegal. Only 40 % of all access to contents was legal. Likewise the percentage of consumers acceding illegally to content on the Internet rose from 51 to 58% with regard to the preceding year. These are some of the data collected by the Observatory of Piracy and Consumption Habits of Digital Contents for 2014, set up by renown independent specialised consultant GfK and presented today by the Coalición of creators and content industries.

Piracy Observatory 2013: Almost 70 percent of Internet users consider blocking access to content as the most efficient measure against piracy

Results of the last Piracy Observatory and Digital Contents Consumption Habits show that illegal downloads continued to grow in Spain over 2013. The survey carried out by independent consulting company Gfk and commissioned by La Coalición has been released today, confirming the severity of the situation and showing a devastating scenario in which 84% of all content consumed in Spain is pirate.